The NBA Conference Finals Begin May 16 and May 17

Golden State Warriors and the Oklahoma City Thunder will face off in the West Conference Finals beginning May 16. Both of these teams had a decent regular season, Golden State with 73 wins and OKC with 55 wins for the regular season. With only 9 loses you could argue that the Warrior’s season was remarkable and they are favored to win it all.

Last season Golden State went all the way and won the finals. In that regular season they only had 67 wins. Although, they had more losses than this year the team still had more wins than any other team in either conference. That stat is true for the year’s regular season as well. The Thunder had only 45 wins, tying with the New Orleans Pelicans and missing out on even making the playoffs last year. A win this year would definitely be quite the comeback.

As for the Eastern Conference Finals the two teams playing were determined today after the Miami Heat and Toronto Raptors faced off in game 7, with the Raptors winning. They will be facing the Cleveland Cavaliers in the first game of the Eastern Conference Final May 17. This season both of these teams played very well. The Cavaliers had 57 wins, which was better than any other team in their conference and only surpassed by Golden State and San Antonio. Meanwhile the Raptors only had one less win for the regular season.

The contenders in the Eastern Conference Finals have a similarity found in the Western Conference. Although, they clearly did not win, not unlike Golden State, Cleveland made it to the finals last season. However, unlike the Thunder who failed to even make the playoffs the Raptors did make the playoffs, although they were defeated in the first round failing to even to get one win. There are four possible matchups for the final games of the 2015-2016 of the NBA: Warriors vs Cavaliers, Warriors vs Raptors, Thunder vs Raptors, or Thunder vs Cavaliers. The Finals will begin June 2.

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