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SATISFACTION IS ALWAYS 100% GUARANTEED! We have a personal interest in sports memorabilia, specializing in diecast sports collectibles, and have taken this interest and turned it into a successful business. This has allowed us to provide a source for rare and cool items for others interested in such collectibles. Please contact us with any questions you have with our products. Thank you for your business and tell your friends. Remember to like us on Facebook for promotions, new arrivals, interesting sports news, and free items.


We specialize in selling diecast sports collectibles. Currently we carry items released from the following companies: Corgi, Ertl, Fleer, Maisto, Matchbox, Press Pass, Upper Deck, and White Rose Collectibles. They offer some of the coolest diecast cars featuring your favorite sports team on them. We carry teams from the following leagues: NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA, and NCAA.

Corgi – released “Football trading cars” and “Baseball trading cars” in ’82 and another series in ’83. These featured the logos of each of the existing NFL and MLB teams at the time. You can still find these for very affordable on eBay, and I consider them a great investment.

Ertl – My favorite company. The cars that I treasure the most are short production run Ertl cars from the last couple years for the sheer AESTHETIC appeal. They are truly awesome. As I said, the Ertl cars from the last couple years are just especially slick looking and so sold out quickly. While you can still find them around for affordable, I suspect that once those sell, they will be somewhat hard to find and elevate in price. I consider them a great investment, if only because of their beauty. Ertl has made team cars of NFL and MLB over the past few years, but they also made some in the mid 90s that I know of, as well as the mid 80s. Great company, great investment. I’ve seen an Ertl NFL car from ’86 I believe, and have an MLB one from ’94 and ’98.

Fleer – Made a large variety of great cars packaged with player trading cards. Great collectible, I especially like the 2003 Mustangs, though I also like the ’05 Mustangs and the entire line of Hummers (too bad Hummers are not really in style anymore).

Matchbox – released a series of MLB team cars in ’89 and then every year after that up until ’98 or ’99, I believe, when the licensing switched to another company. Same is true for NFL, but the first series of NFL team cars came out in ’90. There are NBA cars as well, but the earliest that I have is from ’95, not sure if they made any before this.

Mattel – Hot Wheels released several interesting NBA team cars, including Radical Rides which featured a likeness of a player on the team in figure form behind the wheel of the car. These were larger than average 1/64 scale cars. There was also the Pro Shows, which was a bus with the team logo, and a little hoop and two miniature figures of players from the team. I don’t know of any NFL or MLB Hot Wheels released cars, probably due to previous licensing by those leagues with other diecast car companies. I DO have a New England Patriots Hot Wheels car (looks just like one you would buy for a dollar at the store, but it has the Patriots logo on the side) however, I strongly suspect it to be a repackaged custom job, as I can find no proof of its existence. I have seen “Hot Wheels” cars listed on eBay that featured NFL logos, but these were out of the package and I’m not sure if they were official releases or not. It’s possible Hot Wheels released some very small amount of team logo cars into circulation, which would make them very desirable. Any information regarding these issues is appreciated.

Upper Deck – Another trading card company (a very good one) that must have acquired the licenses around ’05/’06, because as of ’06 they started producing all the team cars (with the exception of Ertl) They are the company responsible for most of the modern team cars that people probably still find at retail stores like Shopko or Hastings. (Any other stores that you know of that sell or have sold team logo cars is greatly appreciated!)

White Rose Collectibles – The Matchbox cars started carrying the label of White Rose Collectibles, which I’m assuming was the license holder. They probably started as an offshoot of Fleer trading cards or at least eventually became an arm of it. The ’90 NFL Matchbox cars list White Rose Collectibles as the distributor, so maybe Matchbox just manufactured the cars for them the license holder. I’m not sure why but eventually around 2002, instead of being labelled White Rose, Fleer must have acquired the license and they were the brand name. Many team cars from the 90s bear the name White Rose on them.

Nearly everything is brand new still in its original packaging and any wear on items is disclosed in its description. We also carry some out-of-the-package collectibles as well. All inquiries welcome (SE HABLA ESPANOL) and I’m happy to answer any questions/provide photos.

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Each order is carefully processed. Small items are sent in a protected bubble mailer and large and multiple items orders ship in a carefully packed box for safe delivery. None of the items we sell are drop-shipped and every item is carefully stored in our warehouse to protect its current condition. By offering free shipping on orders over $50 we can better serve customers whether they are purchasing 1 or 10 items from us.

Orders are always shipped within 2 business days and often sooner from the time an order is placed. We ship to anywhere in the United States and APO/FPO (an additional day may be needed to process these). If you need items shipped out of the United States please contact us with a list of the items you are interested in.


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